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Twitter Reacts: Baylor loses 5th game in a row


It worked so well last time that I decided we needed to play this game again:

You're not going to believe this, but the responses were not happy.  Buckle up.


If I could, I would.

This one had two parts. Stay with me.

Probably the most positive response?

This was a common theme from the last few games, to be honest.

He's right.

We cannot.

There's the payoff. I'm glad we made it through.

Also a theme.

Some of these were after the cutoff, so I'm just choosing the best now. My apologies to those not included. There were a lot.

I would also like winners.

I'm honestly not sure if this was directed at me or the game.

I try to avoid politics on this blog, but whatever.


Here come the pictures.

Does anyone feel better?  No?  Crap.

This one was well, well after the cutoff, but I had to include it. Because I can't refute it.