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Reeling: Baylor falls 74-60 to Texas for fourth loss in a row

The Bears are now 1-5 in conference play with the season on the brink of total collapse, if it isn't there already.

Cooper Neill

I don't have any excuses or silver linings after this one.  Losing to Tech was pretty bad, especially in the way it happened.  Losing to OU without getting a shot off in the final seconds with a chance to win or tie was arguably worse.  Losing at Kansas, whatever.  Getting blown out at home by Isaiah Taylor and the Texas Longhorns is a new low.  Baylor didn't just dig a hole for themselves, they blew out the bottom of the whole already dug, causing a cave-in that trapped all the diggers.

The pattern for how Baylor manages to lose games is now set.  We start off slow through turnovers and atrocious defense.  Then the offense improves a bit, Rico Gathers comes in and starts cleaning up the glass, and we make it closer going into the half.  The second half begins with our starters back on the floor and we fall off yet again, showing somewhere around zero defensive effort and even less offensive ingenuity.  When the shots fall as required, there is hope.  When they don't, none.  I'd say Baylor plays "down" to its opponents, but that would require being above them in the first place.  We have all the evidence needed at this point to believe this just isn't a good team.

It will take a miracle now for Baylor to turn this season around and actually accomplish something beyond saving face.  So many are already turning on Drew, with possibly good reason, it's hard to see it happening.  As I'm writing this, we just missed an alley-oop dunk.  That's pretty perfect for how things have gone.

2014 is not the Year of the Bear Part Deux, after all.

What say you: twitter reacts post for this game or no?