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Caught in a Phog -- Baylor drops 3rd straight in 78-68 loss to Kansas

Baylor lost by 10 tonight in a game where the spread in Vegas beforehand was, you guessed it, 10 points. The Bears are now 13-5 (1-4) on the season and will look to do something positive in our next game against Texas.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, I was unable to watch any of tonight's game, which ended about as I expected it to with a 10-point loss to Kansas.  Because I don't like to write about things I don't see, I put out the call on twitter for people willing to help me write the post-game.  Some of the responses were more positive than others.  Before we get to that, Brady Heslip led the scoring with 19 followed by Isaiah Austin and Cory Jefferson with 16 each.

That was my original tweet:

I'll admit this one made me laugh.

They are referring to the play below:

On this play, Wayne Selden was apparently not called out of bounds, managed to rescue the ball, and delivered it to someone, I'm not sure who, for a Kansas basket.

This one got a little meta with a response to a response. I'll allow it.

Whoever you are, Pete Fey, I like the cut of your jib.

A common theme in both the responses to my inquiry and Baylor's play since the TCU game. It's like they decided that 21/21 couldn't be topped and there was no point trying to hit free throws anymore.

Well, I just plain don't understand this one, but whatever.

That place really wears a jersey well, I'll tell you what.

Also a common theme of the responses. I think I know this person, but I don't know that I know them. That sounds weird to say.

I like ending on a high note, and anyone that says "RICO" to me is at least attemping to hit a high note. When I'm having a bad day, I often yell "RICO!" to psych myself up.

Oh, we're not done, apparently.

Nope, not done.

Now we're done.  Thank you to everyone who responded!  If you didn't make it in, I apologize.  I either missed your tweet or it came after my original 5 minute period was over.  By like 10 minutes.

When this link updates, it will have information like a box score, quotes, and maybe a few pictures for you if you're lucky.  Baylor welcomes the Texas Longhorns to the Ferrell Center this coming Saturday.  Please, students, GO TO THIS GAME AND SUPPORT YOUR BEARS.