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L.J. Rose's transfer has left us all ...

The .gif says it all.

I've made a couple of points regarding L.J. Rose's decision to transfer on twitter and in a few comments but I thought it might be a good idea to consolidate them here.

1) Scott Drew, being a great recruiter, has to be pretty dang good at putting positive spin on any negative situation.

2) Though I may not always love his X's and O's - Drew is excellent at garnering and retaining top talent.

3) This feels very different than Deuce Bello's transfer, but it is similar in that I don't think it's cause for panic.

4) In my opinion, this reveals that Al Freeman and Kenny Chery BOTH project to play point guard, or at least that's where our coaches have them.

5) Some part of me wants to believe that this transfer is a hint at Dixon's decision but this is purely hopeful speculation.

Now though a few of these things are speculation, a couple of them are factual. Scott Drew sold Baylor as an up and coming program after arguably the most horrific scandal in the history of college basketball. Since then, Drew has not only recruited top talent, but he has kept it (see: Perry Jones III and Isaiah Austin). My point is, our coach doesn't let talent off the hook easily and if there is anything I trust about Scott Drew it is that he runs a program that players love.

This means that what we really have here, is more talent than one program can handle. I'm excited to see how the Michael Dixon and Royce O'Neale saga plays out, but as it stands, though we still have an open roster spot - WE ARE NINE DEEP. Sic 'Em.

Yes, we may be thin at the point currently, but we have guys who can handle the basketball and with Austin and Cory Jefferson (plus Rico Gathers) - it's not going to be incredibly difficult to distribute. (Don't think I'm downplaying the role of the point guard, I'm just saying we are still a good team despite this)

I know that we are having an absurd amount of Men's Basketball news for Mid-May, and it has mostly been about departures, but it's only making me more excited about this season.

What about you? Are you worried?