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It's Official: Isaiah Austin is returning to Baylor!

The time for speculation is over: through his twitter account, Isaiah Austin announced that he will return to Baylor for his sophomore year after meeting this evening with Head Coach Scott Drew. Baylor continues to stockpile talent and is setting up for what might be a special year.

Andy Lyons

Baylor will probably put out a release about this with a few quotes from Coach Drew in the next few minutes. Should be worth a read, at least. UPDATE: As I expected, here it is.

"We're extremely excited to have an opportunity to work with Isaiah for another year," Drew said. "I think it's a compliment to Baylor Nation, the university and the team that Isaiah wants to return, and I know Baylor Nation is really excited to have him back for another year."

"I want to thank my teammates, family and coaches for supporting me in my decision," Austin said. "I couldn't be more excited to say that I will be playing for such a great program again next year."

Oh, and Isaiah is busy retweeting everything about his decision, so shoot him a tweet, if you want. We've got our second and third-best scorers from last season back, Bears. Let's make it a great year.