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BREAKING: PF Isaiah Austin returning for sophomore season?

Last night, I started hearing rumors that, based on the advice of those around him, Baylor freshman Isaiah Austin will return for his sophomore season. If true, Baylor could have one of the strongest frontcourts in the country in 2013-2014.


Rumor is that there will be a press conference on-campus at some point today. Austin has until 11:59 PM Eastern Time to file his paperwork and declare for the Draft. Words can't really describe how big this news would be for both Baylor, who would have Twin Towers inside of Isaiah and Cory Jefferson, and the Big 12, which is losing quite a bit of talent overall. The expectations would be tremendous, but so would the potential. Consistent guard play would be literally the only question facing this team next year.

This isn't a done deal by any means, but the tweet I retweeted a few moments ago from Pierre Jackson hints pretty strongly at Isaiah coming back. There are numerous others saying the same thing, too, possibly stemming from the same info. I'm out and about, so my ability to embed tweets is limited. Once I get home, I'll update the thread.

UPDATE: Pierre's original tweet:

That gives context to what Isaiah's mom tweeted earlier, as well:

Isaiah himself tweeted this in response to the resulting speculation:

To which Pierre responded:

Without having any inside information as to Isaiah's thought processes, here's my best guess: Isaiah has made his decision, as alluded to by his mother and Pierre, but doesn't want to spoil the eventual press conference. We don't have a time for that yet, but it will be today.