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MBB Poll: Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin; Will They Stay or Will They Go?

Something we're going to talk a lot about moving forward with Baylor MBB is the decision facing both junior PF Cory Jefferson and freshman PF/C Isaiah Austin to leave early for the NBA.


After last year's Quincy Miller fiasco-- announcing at a baseball game his intention to stay before changing his mind, leaving, and spending most of this year in the NBA's D-League with Baylor clearly missing someone of his skillset at the 3-- I know the thought of losing more players early to the NBA when they probably shouldn't go gives most Bears fans mild facial ticks.

Whether we like it or not, I think it's probably going to happen. Notice I didn't say it should happen-- I think both Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin could benefit greatly from staying at Baylor another year-- but it will. One of them is likely going to leave, and that one is probably Austin. He's apparently made no secret in the past of his one-and-done intentions, and although a relatively disappointing year for him no doubt impacted his eventual draft position, I doubt it's enough to change his mind. As for Cory, he is rumored to be much more up-in-the-air about his prospects, having requested guidance from the NBA (which almost everyone does) that should come back in a week or so. My guess is that he gets a mid-second round grade and decides another year in Waco wouldn't kill him.

I'm not going to spend too much time here on why I think both should come back. I'm a fan, and therefore at least somewhat selfish, and care more for the success of the team in most instances than I do the personal aspirations of the individuals. I'd apologize for it if I thought it necessary to do so. When I look at this question, I see a 2013-2014 front line averaging around 35 points and 25 rebounds between the two of them. I also see a team desperate for that kind of production with the departure of Pierre Jackson. But I also see two players with relatively obvious flaws-- strength and assertiveness for Isaiah, a mid-range NBA game for Cory-- that could be fixed with another year in our program. I'm biased, though.

I've made a poll below for people to predict the likely outcome for both players. My vote is probably obvious: I think Isaiah leaves and Cory comes back, but I want to know what you think. If I could make two polls in the same post, I would, with the other being whether each player shouldcome back, not whether they will. Because I can't, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that topic in the comments.

NOTE: If you want to throw down a well-crafted argument and/or love letter to one or both of these guys in the comments, that'd be ok, too.