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Oklahoma State sends Baylor to 3-game Big 12 losing streak in Stillwater

I'm writing this with 1.0 seconds left in the game after having seen A.J. Walton get blocked on a game-winning layup and then his teammates give up a game-winning layup on the other end just four seconds later. Because basketball.

I know how you feel, Scott.
I know how you feel, Scott.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

1 2 OT / Total
Baylor Bears 22 37 8 /67
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 24 35 10 / 69

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Blah blah blah, we're now 5-4 in the conference and plummeting toward the bottom. Two games ago we were just behind Kansas. Now we're behind a whole hell of a lot of people. But it's ok because we get great recruits and Scott Drew is the nicest. guy. ever.

The problem I have with that series isn't really that Walton got blocked; he shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place. He's A.J. Walton for crying out loud. My problem with it is that we had no plan once that block happened. Drew didn't take a timeout before that possession, so we didn't know what to do when things went south. Well-coached teams know through practice how to handle a similar situation. We are not a well-coached team.

I'm not going to get on my soapbox about this again. You guys know how I feel by now. I'm not even really that disappointed about it, either, because I expected to lose this game. I'm not saying that in a "I'm cooler than you guys because I don't care and I'm full of hipster BS" kinda way, either. I'm just not surprised by this team disappointing us any more.

When is it going to be football season again?