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Adidas doubles down with zubaz and sleeves for post-season NCAA uniforms

One year after bringing out the Electricity for Baylor Basketball's Elite 8 run, Adidas teased and then revealed uniforms for post-season play. They are ... interesting to say the least.

The schools pictured above are (L-R) Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA, and Louisville. Of the six, I think Notre Dame clearly came off the worst while either Kansas or Baylor looks the best, probably Kansas since they don't have sleeves. I don't hate UCLA's, either, but the blues totally don't match up, so it looks disjointed on the whole. Notre Dame ... good God. That is awful.

We should get a better look sometime today at the Baylor uniforms, but we don't have it yet. Here's what we do have.


UPDATE: Baylor has a gallery with more views of some of the detail work. I like them a bit more now that I've seen this stuff.