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Iowa State downs Baylor 79-71 in Ames

The Bears are now on a mini losing streak in conference play after losing to Oklahoma and Iowa State in consecutive games. Baylor's next game will take place in Stillwater on Wednesday night against the same Cowboys team that beat Kansas in Lawrence today.

That's Fred Hoiberg.
That's Fred Hoiberg.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

1 2 Total
Baylor Bears 30 41 71
Iowa St. Cyclones 31 48 79

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I started typing out a much longer post after the game tonight about my disappointment with the general state of affairs in Baylor's Men's Basketball program, but just talking about it briefly on twitter touched off a race war of sorts among the Baylor faithful, so I'm going to tone it down a bit. I was probably overreacting to the loss, anyway.

Just to clear the record, I don't want Scott Drew fired. The day I advocate for his firing is the same we find out he's actually Abu Nazir in disguise or that he has a taste for human flesh.

I do believe, though, that Scott Drew has serious limitations in terms of actually coaching the game of basketball. In terms of recruiting there are few better. When it comes to preparing a team and making players better, there are probably quite a few. That doesn't mean that I hate him or think he should die; it means the time has come to address those limitations in a more meaningful way. Simply put, he needs help, even if he doesn't know that he does.

In some ways, Drew is very similar to Art Briles, actually, in that his focus seems to be laser-like on one aspect of the game above all others. Drew loves recruiting and excels at it. Briles loves offense and has one of the best in the country. We have no hope for an elite football program unless our defense improves, that's why we sought out and hired Phil Bennett. We have no hope for a basketball team better than ours is unless our fundamentals and in-game coaching improve. I don't know who we target to fill that role, but I'm ready to find out.

There's a lot of season left in which all of this could be proven ridiculous. It might not even take that long. We know this team is entirely capable of reeling off a string of victories and stunning observers coast-to-coast. I hope we do.

About this game specifically, you can't convince me that the best allocation of our resources is to shoot 20 threes. Not with Cory Jefferson, Isaiah Austin, and Rico Gathers out there on the front line. Maybe that's the way we have to play because those guys aren't as good as I think.