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Basketball Update

Many of you are starting to get antsy about the lack of football in your lives, and others of you just care about basketball anyway ...

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I just want to say that on the basketball posts so far this year we have had great conversation. For any of you who just take the time to read the posts and skip out on the comments, I encourage you to read the comments section as it always seems to have a ton of great insight, especially on our Basketball posts.

Second, I apologize for what has been sporadic coverage at best so far this season and only really have the fantastic football season to blame for it. However, now that there is only a bowl game left (which is sad, no doubt) and basketball season is in stride, expect to see more consistency (read: daily) in the posts.

Mark has developed quite the regular post system for football that fits well around the standard issue news that comes out any given week. I think it produces good, consistent content that is familiar but new and therefore easy to digest. So here is the schedule I have worked out:

Monday: 2-3 Zone, where we take two looks back at the previous week and three looks forward at the week ahead (example here)

Tuesday: Statistical Outlook (this will be new, so no examples yet but is about like what it sounds)

Wednesday: Film Study, a breakdown of either an upcoming Baylor opponent or a look at our own team (examples here and here)

Thursday: Team Grades, where we will look at each unit, player, coaching, etc.

Friday: Q&A Thread - please submit your questions each and every week and we will get to them on Fridays!

This schedule will begin next Monday!

Now, of course there are games that happen on all days of the week and that simply means we will shift posts around as on game day, we will have a game preview and a game thread. If a game is on the weekend, expect game previews on Friday!

As always, please feel free to leave feedback. We always want to be improving the quality of content, as well as your experience on the site and definitely believe we have the best community of Baylor fans on the Internet - so we value your input. Also, you will be excited to know that Peter and I are discussing how the podcast will shift to cover basketball in the near future so be looking for that soon!

As for now, I'll see you in the comments for discussion on the team's year so far.