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Jerome Tang-led Bears down Texas 86-79 in OT

The Baylor Bears are now 1-0 in the Big 12 this season as they escaped, and you can only call it an escape when you win at home in OT, the Texas Longhorns.


(8-6, 0-1) Rank: NR/NR
31 37 11 79
40 28 18 86

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Waco, Texas • Attendance: 7,749

(9-4, 1-0) Rank: NR/NR

I might have watched 10 minutes of the game today, so I will reserve most judgment of the performance other than the positives: Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin beasted, Pierre Jackson was Pierre Jackson, and the Bears overcame a poor shooting performance (35.9% from 2, 22% from 3) to beat a team hell-bent on scoring an upset. Brady Heslip's rough day is concerning because of how it fits in what has to be considered a disappointing year to-date, and you'd like to see more assists from a team with good point guards, but otherwise the stats look good to me. Texas fans are no doubt wondering how they had double the fouls called (on them, I mean) and Baylor shot three times as many free throws. Those are probably excellent questions.

Thoughts from those that were actually watching?