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Big Monday Disappointment: Kansas downs Baylor by double digits.

The Kansas Jayhawks and three of their closest friends in stripes dominated the game tonight, beating Baylor a lot to a little in a typical Phog game tonight. The Jayhawks could seemingly do no wrong while the Bears did no right.


Yes, this game is still going on, but I'm tired of watching it and fighting with people on twitter, so I'm doing the post-game now.

Just to be clear, since people apparently don't understand what I'm saying: the officials did not cost Baylor this game. They did not dictate the outcome or ensure the Bears would lose. They did, however, make it much more difficult for Baylor to win. They allowed the Jayhawks to get away with much more defensively than they did the Bears, meaning guys like Jeff Withey, who were already going to be a problem for us, were even more so.

Kansas is a better team than Baylor; I have about as little doubt about that now as I did this morning when I wrote the preview post. If you played this game ten times in the same location, Kansas probably wins 7 or 8 of those games, at least. Watching the game, though, I was struck repeatedly (and not by Withey's elbows into my solar plexus like Isaiah Austin was) by the fact that it simply was not called fairly. Again, that doesn't mean the ultimate outcome changed or that I think we were robbed. Kansas is the better team. But I will never accept as The Way It Is that you go to Lawrence, get screwed by the refs, and just move on. That's ridiculous.

There are people that believe when you play poorly, you can't complain about supposed unfairness in officiating because you have "bigger problems" or whatever else. That is also ridiculous. We can talk about the fact that Baylor needs to do something about Brady Heslip's offense. We'll get to it right after A.J. Walton's horrible performance tonight or Deuce Bello's apparent belief that if you put the ball in the net without dunking, you will burst into flames. Those are all issues worthy of addressing, but there's nothing written in stone that says we're confined to those issues. We have the ability as human beings to think about multiple things at one time. It's one of the reasons we were able to make tools and eventually construct buildings to play basketball in while chanting slowly about sedimentary writing implements.

Watch the game again and you'll see three things: a good Kansas team playing well, a less-good Baylor team playing horribly, and officials absolutely applying two different rule books. Just look at the picture adorning this post; that play was called a clean block by Perry Ellis. With his left hand in the shooter's ribs.

By the way, the final score was 61-44. Our basketball team is officially the exact opposite of our football team.