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ODB is Recruiting (Again) for Baylor Men's Basketball!

I need someone passionate about Baylor MBB to head up coverage (or assist) as we get started with the 2012 season.

Ronald Martinez

The teaser pretty much says it all. I had a great basketball guy last year (Tim Watkins) who is now working for a pay site and doing a fantastic job. I've yet to replace him, and I'd really like to get somebody in to at least help cover Baylor Basketball.

I always say this, but I really mean it: you don't need to be a journalist to write for ODB. You don't need to be anything, really, other than passionate about Baylor sports and interested in sharing your views. That's pretty much it.

Email me at OurDailyBears @ gmail . com (for spammers) if you want to talk about it. I'm serious when I say that anyone interested should shoot me a message. This blog is constantly a work in progress, and I'm always looking for ways to make it more attractive to Baylor fans.