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Bears Fall to the Longhorns at the Ferrell

With a dominant second half, Texas kept the Bears out of reach and came out with a 13 point win.

Marry me Jana Twitter-Baylor Women’s Basketball

A BICKLE BUCKET is how our ladies got on the board first today. Texas got in foul trouble early today, with Khadija Faye receiving two whistles in the first two minutes. Sarah Andrews quickly followed up Caitlin’s first lay-in with a three pointer of her own. Baylor took the lead after a few scores by the Bugget and another three pointer by Andrews. Both teams were square at 12 after the quarter coming off a missed buzzer beater by the Longhorns.

Bella really came out strong this quarter, taking some hits, dishing some out, and making the Bears first bucket from the floor. Sarah Andrews connected for three once again late in the third, making the score 18-21, Longhorns up with 3:04 to go. A good defensive possession by the Bears led to a steal from Bickel who immediately gave it up to Jana Van Gytenbeek , who assisted Ja’Mee Asberry for the fast break layup. Free-throws at the buzzer for Texas made the score 22-24 going into half.

Baylor played great defensively this half, forcing 12 turnovers and holding UT to 28.12% from the field. Offensively Baylor’s stats were very similar to Texas’. The real difference was free throws. The Longhorns shot twice as many as Baylor, and they made 5 more. If Baylor can keep the defense moving this half, they will have a very good chance at winning this game.

After three uninterrupted baskets by Texas to start the half, Ja’Mee caught a pass behind the Texas defense in transition and made an easy layup. Texas came to play this half, draining a three shortly after this. Texas dominated for most of this quarter, but two clutch buckets by Jana Van Gytenbeek, including a three right at the end of the quarter cut their lead to 5. Unfortunately, Shaylee Gonzales drained a heave from deep as time expired to make the score 52-44.

The Bears scored quick to start the fourth with a three by Ja’Mee who was assisted by Sarah Andrews. She put up another shortly after and became 2-2 from deep this quarter. Texas is holding strong on offense though. Every run the ladies started was fizzled by a Texas basket. They couldn't miss. Baylor just couldn't keep up with a very hot Texas basketball team this half. Sarah Andrews led both teams in scoring today at 19 total. Final score 55-68.

“There’s a different level of toughness that we have to have.” That was the message from Coach Collen postgame. She believed that the team played tired, and that they didn’t show enough fight. Focus for this bye-week will be on rebounding and building confidence. Nicki said that Jaden needs to build confidence and that she is a much better player than was showed tonight. Bears face off against Tech on Saturday.