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It’s Wildcat Season Baby!

The Lady Bears pulled away and never looked back in this dominant home win against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Bugget matches up against Wildcat defender. Twitter- Baylor Women’s Basketball

After a long possession showing off some elite ball movement, Ja’Mee Asberry cashed out from deep off of an assist from Sarah Andrews to start off scoring for the Lady Bears. Bugget laid one in on the very next play, but to follow this up Kansas State scored 6 unanswered points, making the score 5-6 with four minutes to play. The score stayed close as the Bears and the Wildcats traded buckets, resulting in a Wildcat lead of 9-11 to finish up the quarter.

Kansas State broke open scoring in the second quarter by drilling a three on their first possession. The Lady Bears came back with two free throws from Bella Fontleroy, a defensive stop, and then another bucket for Bella! 13-14 Wildcat’s way, eight minutes remaining in the half. A free-throw by Aijha Blackwell and back to back threes from Ja’Mee Asberry and Sarah Andrews gave the Bears their first lead since the 2:26 mark in the first quarter. Baylor kept the shots rolling and capped off the half with a 20-8 run. This made the score 30-18 with a half to go.

Due to a late surge to end the second half, the Lady Bears held a prominent lead with two quarters to go. Their perimeter defense killed K State, holding them to just 2 of 15 from beyond the arc. The Wildcats won’t go away, but if Baylor can keep their momentum rolling, they should be able to put them down.

Back to back layups from the Bugget put the Lady Bears up four more points and brought Kansas State’s head coach to call a time out with less than a minute elapsed in the second half. She went on to put in three more buckets, and with some scoring from a mix of Lady Bears, Baylor was looking at a 19 point lead with 4:32 to play. They didn’t let up either, with the third quarter closing at a score of 49-32.

The fourth started off fairly slow, with neither team scoring for the first 90 seconds. After the lid came off, Baylor scored a quick 6 points, matched by Kansas State’s 4, putting the Lady Bears up 56-36 with seven to play. Kansas State went on a minor run, almost cutting Baylor’s lead to single digits, but the Lady Bears put it back on them and finished the game well. Final score: 69-48.

Following the press conference Nicki had a very clear message. Be there on Sunday! Nicki challenged the fans to rise up and said that this team needs them. If you won’t listen to us, listen to her, show up and show out on Sunday Baylor nation.