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Baylor WBB vs Alcorn St: Three Stats That Will Decide The Game

The 5th ranked Baylor Women’s Basketball team (8-1) hosts Alcorn State (0-6) at 11AM CT on Wednesday, December 8. Here are three stats that should tell the story of the game. Spoiler: it’s not going to be close.


The Baylor defense is below average on generating turnovers nationally with a turnover rate of only 20%; however, Baylor’s opponents turn the ball over slightly more frequently against Baylor than they do in their non-Baylor games.

Alcorn State is one of the worst teams in the country in protecting the ball with 21 turnovers per game (322nd in the country). Baylor should see a nice bump in their turnover rate after this game.

Two-Point Offense

Baylor is a pretty efficient team inside the arc — they average over 50% of their two-point shot attempts per game (38th in the country) — and this should continue against the Braves.

Alcorn State is one of the worst teams in the country is defending two-point shots, allowing opponents to shoot 53% (329th in the country) from two. Expect Baylor’s post players to have a very good night.

Free Throw Attempts

Baylor attempts 21 free throws per game (31st in the country) and makes about 71% of them. Alcorn State (and you may be sensing a trend), is the worst team in the country in committing fouls with 25 per game.

If Alcorn State wants to make this game competitive, they absolutely must prevent Baylor from scoring these easy points.