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Baylor WBB Caps Fab 5 2018 Recruiting Class

We’ve never seen anything like this.

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Oklahoma City Regional-Baylor vs Louisville
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In case you haven’t been paying much attention to WBB recruiting over the last few months (and shame on you, really), Baylor’s Kim Mulkey has put together a recruiting class for the ages in 2018 with five top-30 players in the country, the last of which committed earlier this evening:

The class with their overall ranking per’s “HoopGurlz” recruiting hub:

If you’re unfamiliar with WBB recruiting, it appears that there’s more positional overlap in the recruiting rankings, so there are only four general positions*: point guard, wing, forward, and post. These girls represent the #1 and #4 wings, the #3 forward, #4 post, and #2 point guard. Play them all together (as I’m sure we will) and you have an entire team of 5* freshmen!

*BTW, my guess is that it’s due to an overall lack of back-to-the-back center, although we had a pretty decent one a few years ago. I forget what happened to her. Either that or there’s little to differentiate shooting guards from small forwards, so they just call them “wings.” I bet that’s it, actually.

Regardless the positional labels, this is an incredible class. All five of our recruits are top-30 players (as denoted by the fact that the numbers next to their names are all less than 30), and all are 5*s by HoopGurlz’s rankings. For the sake of comparison, Texas has 2 5*s in this class, Maryland had 3, Auburn has 2, and UConn has ... none? Perusing last year’s list, it looks like UConn led with 4. We had 2. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, we’re in rarefied air for the Baylor program and, it appears, everybody else. If she didn’t have something special already, Mulkey is certainly building it now.

Oh, she seems to know it, too.