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WBB: Big 12 Power Rankings, Round 7

There are only 25 conference games left and the water just keeps getting muddier.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

(1) Baylor (Last Week: 1)

13-0 Conference, 24-1 Overall

Last Week vs Oklahoma W 89-66 vs West Virginia W 79-51
This Week at Texas Tech vs TCU

Baylor continues to dominate. Oklahoma unfortunately had to play Baylor the day the committee pushed Tennessee over Baylor as the preview 1 seed. The first 10 minutes of the game were a clinic for how basketball should be played, and then they just reverted to being commanding. Up next was West Virginia, which had two marks against it: first, they played Baylor close at home and second, this game last year let West Virginia share the title. Baylor was letting the conference know that their was their court and their championship to have.

(2) Oklahoma (Last Week: 2)

10-3 Conference, 16-8 Overall

Last Week at Baylor L 66-89 vs TCU W 77-54
This Week at Iowa State at Kansas State

After one week with back-to-back losses, Oklahoma has continued to dominate and position themselves as the clear second best team in the conference. Their only blemish is against Baylor and while that game looks bad on paper, I give more credit to Baylor playing angry than Oklahoma really being that bad.

(3) OSU (Last Week: 7)

6-7 Conference, 16-8 Overall

Last Week vs Texas W 66-60 vs Iowa State W 60-48
This Week at West Virginia vs Kansas

Thus begins the best of the rest. From here on out, no team has a winning record in conference. Oklahoma State tops this group by virtue of winning both its games, only one of three teams (Baylor, Texas Tech) to do so last week.

(4) Texas (Last Week: 6)

5-8 Conference, 16-8 Overall

Last Week at Oklahoma State L 60-66 at Kansas W 74-63
This Week vs Kansas State at Texas Tech

Texas split wins this week which apparently was just as challenging as winning both games.

(5) West Virginia (Last Week: 5)

5-8 Conference, 15-10

Last Week vs Kansas W 59-56 at Baylor L 51-79
This Week vs Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

West Virginia stays at its position by virtue of sneaking by Kansas at home. As in previous rankings, losing to Baylor doesn't hurt too much; especially since this was a revenge game for Baylor.

(6) Kansas State (Last Week: 8)

5-8 Conference, 15-9 Overall

Last Week vs TCU W 93-79 vs Texas Tech L 68-74 (OT)
This Week at Texas vs Oklahoma

Kansas State is last team that split their games this week and comes at the end by virtue of losing to Tech.

(7) TCU (Last Week: 3)

6-7 Conference, 14-10 Overall

Last Week at Kansas State L 74-93 at Oklahoma L 54-77
This Week vs Kansas at Baylor

I thought that TCU had really started to surge and gave them the benefit of the doubt splitting their games last week. However, they have now lost three of their last four.

(8) Iowa State (Last Week: 4)

4-7 Conference, 14-8 Overall

Last Week at Texas Tech L 58-71 at Oklahoma State L 48-60
This Week vs Oklahoma at West Virginia

Iowa State has now lost five of their last 6 games. What ever magic they found early in the season seems to have disappeared.

(9) Texas Tech (Last Week: 10)

5-8 Conference,  15-10 Overall

Last Week vs Iowa State W 71-58 at Kansas State W 74-68 (OT)
This Week vs Baylor vs Texas

Tech had a great week and was one of only three teams to win both their games. The fact that they had dug such a deep hole prior to this week (going 1-6) kept them from moving any higher.

(10) Kansas (Last Week: 9)

4-9 Conference, 13-13 Overall

Last Week at West Virginia L 56-59 at Texas L 63-74
This Week at TCU at Oklahoma State

Poor Kansas. Go on a three game winning streak to turn around and go 1-4 over the last 5 games.