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WBB: (3) Baylor Lady Bears Outlast Kansas, 66-58

Baylor and Kansas go on competing streaks but Baylor comes out the victor.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Don't let the final score fool you: this game was even closer than the 8 points might lead you to believe. Kansas was riding a 3 game winning streak, taking down Texas Tech, West Virginia and Iowa State, beating the Cyclones on the road. Two weeks ago I would have overlooked this game, but after Kansas kept winning, and especially after they defeated Iowa State on the road, this game became a significant game.

The first half was marked by a strong Kansas defense. Baylor was unable to find their rhythm, at one point shooting around 33% while Kansas was shooting around 50%. Baylor was not making great shots and Kansas was under the rim, ready to snag the ball and start driving.

The second half was a tale of competing streaks. Baylor came out strong and built a 10 point lead, leading Kansas 41-31. However, the offense production stalled as Kansas put together a 10 point run while Baylor committed four turnovers. Nina Davis then single handedly went on a 9-0 streak of her own to take the lead for the remainder of the game.

At 7:50 left in the game, Coach Mulkey became frustrated with the number of whistles that were being blown, on plays that she and other observers might have thought were clean, and drew a technical and had to be held back by her players. In her post-game presser, she commented she was glad her players are strong because she was ready to get herself thrown out of the game.

When it was all said and done, Nina Davis picked up 22 points and 8 rebounds. Niya Johnson had 13 points and 10 assists. Alexis Prince finished with 5 points and 7 rebounds and Kristy Wallace picked up 9 points and 2 rebounds.

With TCU beating Texas and West Virginia defeating Oklahoma, Baylor sits atop the Big 12 with a 2-game lead.