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WBB: Baylor Goes On Road To Beat Kansas State, 74-44

Lady Bears surge in the first half, settle in for the second and come away victorious.

5 treys and no one took a picture. Oh well, at least I can still feature Kristy Wallace.
5 treys and no one took a picture. Oh well, at least I can still feature Kristy Wallace.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Going into this game, Kansas State led the nation in scoring defense, holding their opponents to 49.1 points per game. The game started with a rhythm that looked to favor Kansas State, with Baylor having four turnovers early in the game and the score being only 3-2 Baylor 5 minutes into the game. Thankfully, a slow start doesn't mean the game will remain at that pace. The inside game wasn't working, so Baylor took the lead with a 3 pointer by Imani Wright and the treys just kept falling. Kristy Wallace followed up with a trey of her own and then Alexis Prince joined in to the 3 pointer club. Kristy Wallace would get two more treys before Kansas State would get another bucket, and she would finish the half with five three pointers. At one point in the game, Kansas State went on a scoring drought for over 11 minutes and their shooting percentage was at 7% with 6:42 left in the half. Yes, only 7%; I did not leave out a digit. They finished the half with only 22% field goal percentage.

Kristy Wallace sank her fifth trey to end the half with Baylor going up 36-17 at the half. The second half started slow, with Baylor not scoring for nearly two minutes. After that, the next eight minutes were the Nina Davis show, with her having all of Baylor's second half points until 10:52 remained in the game. However, Baylor quietly started to find its flow again and went from being outscored in the half to taking over the half and started getting the ball around and scoring. Baylor finished by outscoring Kansas State by 11 in the half and winning by 30 points.

This game saw three different players enter double digits: Nina Davis led with 24 points, followed by Kristy Wallace with 17, and Alexis Prince with 13. Khadijiah Cave was just outside with 8 points. 8 different players scored in the game. Baylor also outrebounded Kansas State 46-25, with Niya Johnson getting 9, Nina Davis with 8 and Sune Agbuke, Khadijiah Cave, and Kristina Higgins with 5 each. Every player who played in this game got at least one rebound. Niya Johnson had another stellar game with 8 assists to 2 turnovers. Baylor held Kansas State to 30% field goal percentage for the game. Lewis, their leading scorer, only scored 2 points in the first half.

Baylor continues its dominating ways. While it doesn't seem like we are going to get two exciting halves back-to-back, I cannot complain about dominating in one half and quietly leading the second. Nina Davis continues her amazing ways and gets 24 points without even trying. Kristy Wallace came off the bench and played lights out for a half and gave the team the fire it needed after a slow start. This team has such depth that if one player isn't having a stellar game, another will step up. Next up: West Virginia.