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WBB: Big 12 Power Rankings, Round 3

I look at the confusion that is the Big 12 so that you don't have to.

Kim knows where her team is power ranked
Kim knows where her team is power ranked
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

(1) Baylor (Last Week: 1)

Last Week vs Iowa State W 79-47 at Kansas W 71-63
This Week vs Texas vs Kansas State

Baylor continues to win, regardless of the location. When I wrote my preview for the Saturday games, I neglected to include the history of Baylor losing last year at Kansas and Kansas came out looking to make a tradition of beating Baylor at home. Thankfully the Lady Bears prevailed and came away with a win, even if the game was closer than the score reflects.

(2) Oklahoma (Last Week: 4)

Last Week vs Texas W 70-59 at TCU W 97-81
This Week vs Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

Oklahoma seems to have exorcised the non-conference demons and are the only other team to remain undefeated in conference play. Their 11 point victory over Texas showed that Oklahoma means business and that maybe Texas wasn't quite ready for the Big 12 gauntlet.

(3) Texas (Last Week: 2)

Last Week at Oklahoma L 59-70 vs Texas Tech W 55-44
This Week at Baylor vs Iowa State

Texas has now lost two games in two weeks, both on the road. Getting a road win is challenging regardless of the venue and Texas has learned that no matter how well you played in your non-conference schedule you must be ready every game for the Big 12. Today's game against Baylor will tell us a lot about where Texas stands this year.

(4) Iowa State (Last Week: 3)

Last Week at Baylor L 47-79 at Kansas State W 79-59
This Week vs TCU at Texas

Iowa State dropped through no fault of their own; Oklahoma is just playing that well. Iowa State went on the road and picked up a solid win against Kansas State to continue to cement themselves in the upper tier of the conference.

(5) TCU (Last Week: 6)

Last Week at Kansas W 80-63 vs Oklahoma L 81-97
This Week at Iowa State at Oklahoma State

Not a lot can be gleaned from this week schedule. TCU beat the team they are supposed to beat and lost to the #2 team in the league.

(6) Oklahoma State (Last Week: 5)

Last Week vs Kansas State W 69-47 vs West Virginia L 49-61
This Week at Oklahoma vs TCU

Oklahoma State beat a struggling Kansas State team but lost to at-the-time winless West Virginia, at home, by 12 points. In this league you have to take care of the home court and OSU failed to do that.

(7) West Virginia (Last Week: 8)

Last Week vs Texas Tech L 45-55 at Oklahoma State W 61-49
This Week vs Kansas State at Kansas

I had a feeling that West Virginia would be able to right the ship, but was not expecting them to do so on the road at Oklahoma State. However, this makes their home loss to Texas Tech even more confusing.

(8) Texas Tech (Last Week: 9)

Last Week at West Virginia W 55-45 at Texas L 55-44
This Week vs Kansas at Oklahoma

Texas Tech picked up its second conference win against West Virginia on the road and played Texas at home better than I expected. The only thing keeping Tech from moving up one more spot is West Virginia's win over Oklahoma State.

(9) Kansas State (Last Week: 7)

Last Week at Oklahoma State L 47-69 vs Iowa State L 59-79
This Week at West Virginia at Baylor

Kansas State now has one lone win in conference on the year and lost by 20 at home to Iowa State, a team just 2 weeks ago I thought was on par with Kansas State.

(10) Kansas (Last Week: 10)

Last Week vs TCU L 63-80 vs Baylor L 63-71
This Week at Texas Tech vs West Virginia

Could this be the year Kansas finishes without a Big 12 win?