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WBB: Big 12 Power Rankings, Round 2

I try to make sense of the conference, but then I fail.

(20) Imani Wright understands the Big 12 this year
(20) Imani Wright understands the Big 12 this year
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

(1) Baylor (Last Week: 2)

Last Week at Kansas State W 74-44 at West Virginia W 66-62

Going on the road in the Big 12 and winning is hard, regardless of the program. Just ask Texas (oops, spoiler!). There were only four road victories in 20 games this past week and Baylor had two of them.

(2) Texas (Last Week: 1)

Last Week vs West Virginia W 61-55 at Iowa State L 57-59

This change can be summed up in two words: Hilton Magic. Texas is still an incredible team, but you cannot take a loss and still be ranked top when two teams are still undefeated in conference.

(3) Iowa State (Last Week: 4)

Last Week at TCU L 84-86 vs Texas W 59-57

Last week I said that Iowa State was at the top of Tier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. This has not changed except that Tier II has gone away. Iowa State did what 13 other opponents, including ranked opponents, could not do: beat Texas. The only thing keeping Iowa State from redefining Tier II is their loss to (an improving) TCU.

(4) Oklahoma (Last week: 7)

Last Week at Kansas W 66-35 at Texas Tech W 75-58

I said not to count out Sherri Coale and I was right. Oklahoma was the only other team to go on the road and secure a win, picking up the other two road victories, beating two teams I had ranked higher in the Power Rankings.

(5) Oklahoma State (Last Week: 3)

Last Week vs Texas Tech W 66-35 at TCU L 66-70

After losing to Baylor, Oklahoma State took out their frustration on Texas Tech but then lost to TCU.

(6) TCU (Last Week: 10)

Last Week vs Iowa State W 86-84 vs Oklahoma State W 70-66

TCU followed up their loss to Texas Tech by beating Iowa State and Oklahoma State, two teams that had been out performing TCU up to this point. TCU was the only other team to come out of the week unscathed, although both victories came at "home".

(7) Kansas State (Last Week: 5)

Last Week vs Baylor L 44-74 vs Kansas W 58-52

Kansas State was the sacrificial lamb on their own home court this week and then turned around and beat Kansas by 6. While I commented last week that a loss to a top tier team won't hurt many teams, losing by 30 at home will. Coupling that with only beating Kansas by 6 at home and you fall two spots.

(8) West Virginia (Last Week: 8)

Last Week at Texas L 55-61 vs Baylor L 62-66

West Virginia had to play Texas at Austin and Baylor at home in the same week. While they game away with two losses, there are few teams that can beat a top tier team on the road and they played Baylor very well.

(9) Texas Tech (Last Week: 6)

Last Week at Oklahoma State L 35-66 vs Oklahoma L 58-75

While Texas Tech started conference play with a solid win over TCU, they dropped their next two games and neither game was particularly close. Given their average point differential in Big 12 play has been 21 points, with the closest game being their victory over TCU by 15, I have no clue what to expect from this team going forward.

(10) Kansas (Last Week: 9)

Last Week vs Oklahoma L 57-69 at Kansas State L 52-58

Kansas and West Virginia are the only two Big 12 teams without a conference win and only one has played two Tier 1 teams.