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2016 Lady Bears Commit - Calveion Landrum

The Lady Bears receive their first commit for 2016 in the form of a National Top Ten recruit.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Today Waco's own Calveion "Juicy" Landrum verbally committed to play for her hometown Lady Bears basketball team. She is a point guard rated #10 in the nation overall and the #3 point guard of 2016, and according to Brice Cherry of the Waco Trib cited Baylor's physicality as a major reason for her commitment.

Point guards are a bit of a position Kim knows something about. Her point guards tend to be talented, fiery, and determined. I believe that we found all three in "Juicy". In the summer of 2013, she saw the state championship rings for Mexia and decided that she wanted one for her own, so she set out to do it. The result? A state championship. A perfect season. Not too shabby for a sophomore point guard.

On her way to a perfect season, she amassed a few stats of her own. Try, 17.2 points, 7.3 rebounds, 4.3 steals, 2.1 blocked shots, and 6 assists per game. Pretty impressive for a 5-10 point guard. The first stat that stands out to me is the rebounds. That line was checked multiple times on multiple sites and the result kept coming up the same. Even in her best season, her senior year, Odyssey Sims averaged 4.5 rebounds. Granted, it probably isn't fair to compare a collegiate career against a high school one, but the number is impressive nonetheless. The next stat that is intriguing to me is her 4.3 steals. During La Vega's run for state, Calveion was known for her full court press, stifling opponents and frustrating them. Its easy for a player to play offense then fall back and just prepare for defense. Her dedication to play the full court when needed encourages me for her future.

Calveion has been rewarded for her efforts. She was named District 17-3A co-MVP, as well as the MVP for the regional and state tournaments. She was also named Super Centex Player of the Year by the Waco Herald Tribune.

She is hopefully the first of a great recruiting class of 2016. Assuming no injuries (and medical redshirts), we could have up to four recruits coming. Stay tuned!