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Brittney Griner is the best female basketball player ever.

I'll freely admit that one thing I don't cover nearly enough considering their success is the Baylor Women's Basketball team. Included in that is their best player, Brittney Griner, who I firmly believe will go down as the Greatest of All Time. Tonight was her magnum opus.


(14-16, 5-13) NR/NR
34 34 68
45 45 90

Box Score | Notes | Photo Gallery 1 | Photo Gallery 2

Waco, Texas • Attendance: 10,627

(29-1, 18-0) #1/1

I don't have much to say about Griner's record-setting performance tonight other than that it was, and is, amazing. On 21/28 shooting from the field and 8/10 on free throws, Griner scored a Big 12-record 50 points, setting a new personal high (obviously) and becoming only the second player in the country, man or woman, to score that many points in a college basketball game this season. Incredible.

I'll update this thread when the highlights come available so you guys can see for yourselves (since you probably didn't watch). Until then, I really didn't have anything more to say other than that she deserves more credit than I've given her. They all do. Especially when you compare what they've done: national championships, an undefeated season, #1 rankings, with what the men have done. And the other side gets so much more fanfare.

Anyway, congratulations Brittney on your latest record, congrats and thank you seniors for everything you've done, and take a little heart in knowing that you're probably going to have quite a few more Baylor basketball fans headed your direction in the next few weeks.