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Fall Signing Day-- Baylor Lady Bears

A collection of everything we know about the Lady Bears 2013 class as we know it.

Jeff Gross

So far, four Letters of Intent are in for the Lady Bears 2013 signing class, with three being names that should be readily known to Baylor fans. The fourth, according to a tweet from David Smoak, is decidedly less heralded.

Here's who we have so far:

Imani Wright -- 4* G -- 5'11" -- Hooks, Texas -- #31 overall by HoopGurlz
Nina Davis -- 4* W -- 6'1" -- Memphis, Tennessee -- #52 overall by HoopGurlz
Breanna Hayden -- 4* G -- 5'9" -- Dallas, Texas -- #82 overall by HoopGurlz
Khadijah Cave -- UR -- 6'3" W -- Augusta, Georgia -- no idea whatsoever.

As you can see, Cave is the one that came somewhat out of the blue. Even the people that I follow who generally Know These Things about WBB recruiting don't know much about her. It could be that we saw losing Pope and Williams at PF this season and realized we had to have someone, anyone, with size for next season. It could also be that we found a true diamond in the rough in Cave and wanted to get her locked up. I don't know.

There is rumored to be one other potential signing today, so watch out for that. Until then, this is our class. I'll post more information as I have it.

UPDATE: Looks like this could be it for the Ladies according to They just posted a full-length update about NSD that gives more detail about the four ladies, including the enigma Cave.