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Baylor Hype Videos

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How to get in the next Baylor Hype Video

A small challenge to the ODB community!

Baylor vs. Texas Hype Video: "We Run This State"

It's not Ted's, but it's still pretty good.

Case Closed - New Hype Video

The time has come for not just one more game in Floyd Casey stadium, but one more hype video to get you excited.

"Be Great Today" -- Official Hype Video #2

Ok, THIS is the official hype video. Yesterday's was done by the recruiting staff. How much do you love it?

"Be the Standard" -- Hype Video from BaylorGangFB

There is no shortage of hype videos for the 2013 Baylor Bears these days, and the latest comes from BaylorGangFB.

Are You Not Entertained?

A new hype video for the final stretch - the most important in Baylor history.

You Are Baylor

"... no matter what point along the timeline you jumped in, you are Baylor."