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Baylor vs All - Hype Video for March Madness

Because you forgot you needed a hype video.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

This is march.

Welcome to March ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the madness. Last year's early exit was a disappointment after getting used to tournament runs and this year's team looks to correct what it left on the court last season. It is hard to not get excited about this team, with a broad spectrum of both experience and youth. If you are the type who refuses to get into college basketball until this time of year, then hopefully the video above can move the needle for you. With your Baylor Bears playing Yale first, and the potential NCAA tourney rematch we all so desperately crave - Duke - a possibility in round two, I would say it is time you start running through walls in support for this team.

If you need to explain to your boss or professor why you need to be free on Thursday afternoon, I would suggest starting with this video as your reasoning.

Sic 'Em Bears!