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"Right Now" - 2015/2016 Baylor Football Hype Video

Right now guys. Right now.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

At Baylor, the past has never been allowed to matter. If it did, we would be in a perpetual state of losing. If the past was important to Baylor football, we wouldn't be able to roll our eyes every time a longhorn or aggie takes a shot at the program. If the past defined Baylor football, we would have never escaped the now infamous UNLV fiasco in 1999. The gut punch that was the Cotton bowl was a pipe dream for almost 2 decades and it happened precisely because the past didn't matter.

Just as the past doesn't matter, neither does the future. Not for the players on the roster, not for the fans who anxiously await September 4th. The future is always beyond control.

What matters for this team, and our fans, is right now. For the players, what matters is the next workout. The next drill. The next film study. The next down. The right now.

We have a coach who has time and time again said he prefers a player with a chip on his shoulder versus being a blue chip himself. Well, coach, you've got a team full of players that just had a chip the size of America embedded in their shoulders - from being left out of the playoff to having Michigan State come from the grave after having taken a 400 pound dagger to the chest. You can't tell me this Baylor team is looking at anything more than keeping the loss column looking exactly as it does now: 0.

If after watching this video, you are not ready for football season, please check your pulse.

The time for 14-0 and a lot of fun in the process, is ... Right now.