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"Sic March" - A Baylor Men's Basketball Hype Video

It's that time of year ...

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It has been decidedly too long since I last created a hype video and this is a basketball team deserving of a few hundred of them. Baylor Men's Basketball has once again been awarded a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament and the last two times that happened Baylor reached the Elite Eight. A difficult road lies ahead but with Rico Gathers smashing people into oblivion, nobody wants to face your Baylor Bears. Can Scott Drew continue to build on past success in March? Will the Bears survive as the favorite long enough to become the underdog? The questions persist, but one thing is for sure: it is time to get HYPED about this team.

If you are at work tomorrow, schedule a meeting and close your office door, if you are in class you should remember that skipping is a thing (sorry to encourage this professors but ... I mean ...), and if you are traveling, find a way to listen/watch/etc or else we might revoke your free access to ODB (we won't revoke your free access to ODB).

Baylor gonna Baylor, y'all.