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"Believe" - A Baylor Football Hype Video

Believe that Baylor will win it all.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor we are, and Baylor we'll always be. Robert Griffin's words are timeless for a reason. Here we are, sitting at 7-0, with possibly the greatest roster that Art Briles has ever assembled and Baylor is facing major adversity.

I'm going to be honest, I had a video virtually already cut together. We were playing Iowa State (no offense WRNL), it was homecoming and Baylor had been straight steamrolling folks. Well, Seth Russell - the 3 star QB turned Heisman contender turned (well possibly he always was) freak of nature gets injured and suddenly the narrative has completely changed. As a result, you are about to watch (or for the impatient lot of you: you just watched) a very different video than you were originally intended to see.

But guess what? It doesn't matter. It's time to believe in Jarrett Stidham and in this incredible team of men who we are fortunate enough to cheer on. If you aren't hyped - get out.

#SicEm #BelieveThat