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"Start Fast" - Baylor Bears Football 2014 Conference Play Hype Video

We all need help through the bye week, and ODB is here for you.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Conference play is upon us and the Baylor Bears are going to prove they run the Big 12 starting in Ames and going to the likes of Austin, Morgantown, Norman, Dallas ... and Dallas again if you catch what THAT means. Who will run the town each night? How about the nations top offense? A defense that is not afraid to drop you like a bag of bricks? Do you really want to mess with Shawn Oakman? How about our 8th string receiver? Xavien Howard is not nice either.

With the bye week ahead of us, I hope that this is enough to tide you over until Art Briles and the Bears take the field again in Iowa two Saturdays from now. Be sure to share the video with your friends, your colleagues and a few people in the cities listed above because no one is looking forward to the week that they play Baylor.

Sic 'Em and #startfast