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54 Minutes of Every Tedvid EVER

College football starts in 54 minutes, so here are 54 minutes of Baylor Hype to fill the gap.

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So I know that by a technicality, football started last night. However, we all know that it really starts in 54 minutes with South Carolina taking on Texas A&M in a game that Baylor fans are only mildly interested in because, well, schadenfreude.

I do not wish to bog you down with too many statistics here, but we reached a milestone with the release of "The Palace" hype video on Tuesday. I have enough Baylor content to fill an hour slot on a TV network and by the time this post goes live we will have (most likely) eclipsed 650,000 views in total (averaging 45,100 views per video). This post is my way of saying thanks for watching and remaining interested in what is essentially the same footage repackaged to make it feel new over and over. A couple of these are basketball related, but it can never hurt to watch those as well.

I hope that the ODB community can survive these last few minutes without college football and that this helps:

Robert Griffin III (RG3) - Heisman Campaign 2011 Highlight Reel

Baylor, We Are

Baylor Bears Football 2013-2014 Hype Video

Hey Baylor - Let's Do This

Are You Not Entertained?

"Case Closed" - Baylor vs. Texas Hype Video

"Now We're Here" - Baylor 2013 Season Recap

"Baylor Nation" - A Baylor Athletics Hype Video

"The Turnaround" - A Baylor Men's Basketball Hype Video (2013-2014)

"To Be Continued" - Baylor 2014 Spring Football Hype Video

"The Green Light" - Baylor Men's Basketball 2014 March Madness Hype Video

"The Immortal Flame" - 2014/2015 Baylor Football Hype Video

"Dream Big Dream Baylor" - The 2014 Baylor Football Trailer

"The Palace" - 2014 Baylor Hype Video (Game Week)