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"The Palace" - A Hype Video

We have ourselves a palace on the Brazos, it's about time football gets played in it.

The Palace is ready for its crowd. It is game week ladies and gentlemen, and this year Baylor football brings a new stadium, a new team and new expectations to the Brazos River. Over the course of the last year, Baylor has asserted its dominance over the state of Texas and will look to capitalize on the programs momentum and find its way into the first College Football Playoff.

It is time to get loud, unbearably loud. New traditions await and opportunity truly does abound. Baylor Nation has no excuse if on Monday they still have a voice. SMU is a very real opponent, one that will look to spoil an opener for the ages ... but that's not likely. We have a team that might get ticketed for going too fast next to I-35 and a defense that likes to punch you in the mouth (legally, of course).

Watch, share, enjoy.

Sic 'Em Bears!