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The 2014 Baylor Football Trailer - "Dream Big Dream Baylor"

Because when Art says it, it matters.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Your Friday Afternoon Video is a little different this week folks ... Thanks to Prashanth for allowing me to "guest select" this time around.

The 2014 season opener is less than a month away and I know you are desperate for anything Baylor Football related to watch, read or listen. So how about a trailer to start one of the most arduous months of the year? After you finish the video and get pumped, be sure to then go give the new podcast a listen and then check ODB every day until football season because it is getting real now.

With the return of Heisman contender Bryce Petty, a coach who wins everywhere he goes, a stable of skill players and a defensive line that may actually be real live bears, this team is going places. So to everyone considering Baylor, remember to Dream Big and Dream Baylor.

Also! I'm going to need the ODB community's help for my next video, so brush up on your iPhone video shooting skills in the meantime and get ready for a crazy idea of mine coming down the line in the near future (I know - I am such a tease).