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Baylor Redditors, TedVid Needs Your Votes!

Over on Reddit's /cfb subreddit, they are taking nominations for the greatest hype video of the year. Obviously, we have several candidates.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Normally for something such as this, we'd stick a note in the DBR or just tweet it out to make sure that Baylor fans got the message.  Not so today, because Ted needs our help.  On the /CFB subreddit, they are taking nominations for the greatest hype videos of the year, fan-made or otherwise.  The esteemed Nick_Pants has already nominated Ted's "Hey Baylor -- Let's Do This" video from before the OU game, so now we just need votes.  If you chose, you could also nominate another video, either from Baylor or Ted, that you like better.  It doesn't matter.

With all due respect to Ted and the work he's done since, this is still my favorite of the videos, partly because of the way it dovetailed into the Everyone in Black theme Baylor put forward for the game and partly because of how much I loved that game.  If you're looking for other potential submissions, feel free to browse through our Baylor Hype Videos hub here at ODB for ones you might like better.