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At Baylor, We Play For Championships

Baylor vs. Kansas State hype video to get you psyched out for Saturday's game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the last week of the college football season where your Baylor Bears will play for yet another Big 12 championship. You knew this video was coming, the only question was when and here it is. Feel free to run through a wall, charge at the largest animal in your vicinity, or whatever else your adrenaline pumped self decides to do after watching 3 minutes of your favorite football team tear it up on the football field. Get your GameDay signs ready, pull down the tailgate, and be ready to witness a statement to the college football playoff selection committee: Baylor is playoff bound and ready.

We are playing on the biggest stage in college football, in front of the greatest crowd in America and this was all impossible just a few short years ago. Take that in as you watch!

This weekend is in fact - all about Baylor.

Sic Everything.