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"Ready for OU" - Baylor vs. Oklahoma Hype Video

Are you ready for OU? Or are you ready for OU?

Ronald Martinez

SECOND EDIT: This issue has been resolved. I repeat. The issue has been resolved. For more info on what I am talking about if you are new to the party and do not know what happened, please go here. I want to specifically thank the communications teams at Baylor (both in the athletic department and the university department) for working quickly and diligently to sort this out and for reaching out to me. As for me at this point? I'm just #ReadyForOU


EDIT: After a mishap yesterday at Baylor (which is being resolved) the video is not currently available due to a copyright claim that was made in error. While Baylor and ODB works to resolve this, please watch last year's OU hype video instead! Click here to watch.


I would like to thank Bryce Petty for the audio and all of the people at Baylor Vision Baylor SESP* who consistently churn out the best visuals in college football. Also, if you are not ready for OU then you are living under a rock, don't have a pulse, and just need to watch this about a dozen times.

Don't let anyone tell you this game isn't important. A win in Norman and Baylor is right back in the National Championship and Big 12 Championship hunt. These two teams have gone back and forth the last couple of years, miracles have happened, blows have been struck and it has become clear that Baylor is competing with the blue blood programs of old with an offense that (despite what you might think) is second to none and a defense that nobody really wants to face.

Please share far and wide (and don't forget to hashtag #ReadyForOU).

Sic 'Em Bears. Just Ready for OU.

*I can't keep straight all of the production houses at Baylor