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"Revivalry" - A Baylor vs. TCU Hype Video


Ronald Martinez

Thanks to a fantastic performance from the Horned Frogs in Ft. Worth, you are getting a hype video much earlier than I had anticipated. People will naturally be opposed to calling TCU a rival, but with the history, a bit of bad blood and the rise of the two programs - it is a difficult thing to argue against.

Between heckling fans, Gary Patterson's rant and #BaylorHateWeek shenanigans, I will let you pick what about the video gets you fired up the most.

Enjoy and sic 'em bears.

Of note: If you are wondering why there is a "special thanks" section at the end, it's because those people donated to a charity per my previous post and are being recognized as awesome people. If you make a donation in the future to Baylor, Families of SMA or The Preemptive Love Coalition then you too will get a special thanks in the next video.