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Baylor Nation - A Baylor Athletics Hype Video

Because we are more than an individual, or even just one team.

This one is different.

We are not just one individual, or one team. Baylor is a family. The great coach Art Briles proved earlier today that once again, Baylor is a place where people find a home. This video won't bring you to a major high like maybe some of the others have before, but I tried to capture the essence of the Athletics program right now.

We are doing things no one thought we could. Baylor has finally found a way to bring the sense of community, fellowship and brotherhood that has always existed at the university, to the athletics program thanks to superb leadership in Ian McCaw, Kenn Starr and others. And guess what?

It's fun.

Sic 'Em Bears!

For those of you on Mobile, check out the Vimeo version here: