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Baylor Hype Videos

Daily Bears Report 11/24/2017 - Baylor Wars: The Last Quarterback - A Hype Video

It’s Black Friday and Baylor Football is going all white Stormtrooper looking for win No. 2. Baylor Soccer assumes Cinderella role at NCAA Elite Eight. WBB reaches century mark, again.

Daily Bears Report 8/24/2017 - New Hype Video

Coach Rhule expected to decide on Quarterback this weekend.

Daily Bears Report 8/16/2017 - Football - Hernandez Drops Lawsuit - Rico Suffers Concussion

Bearmada Sailgate Video; Interviews: Coach Phil Snow and Coach Matt Rhule; Lady Bears Place 1st & 2nd in International Tournament

Daily Bears Report 7/23/17 - Baylor’s Whirlwind Rhule

New Hype Video. Matt Rhule talks fast. Baylor Women Set Record Ranking in 2016-17 Capital One Cup

"Baylor vs All" - Hype Video for March Madness

Because you forgot you needed a hype video.

March of the Bears - Baylor vs. OU Hype Video

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

"Believe" - A Baylor Football Hype Video

Believe that Baylor will win it all.

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Baylor Pre-Season Hype Video Review

Jurassic Waco -- Baylor 2015 Hype Video

We've got some creative folks out there, you guys.

Baylor Hype Video -- 34 Days by Elizabeth Sherman

Check it out, Baylor Nation.

"Right Now" - 2015/2016 Baylor Football Hype Video

Right now guys. Right now.

"Sic March" - A Baylor Men's Basketball Hype Video

It's that time of year ...

Leaving No Doubt: Big 12 Championship Hype Video

If this doesn't get your blood flowing for Saturday's game, I don't know what will.

At Baylor, We Play for Championships - Hype Video

Baylor vs. Kansas State hype video to get you psyched out for Saturday's game.

Everyone In Black! New Official Hype Video

If this doesn't put your mind on Saturday and get you hyped, I don't know what will.

Featured Fanshot

Statement from Baylor on TedVid-gate

Well done, Baylor. I am once again Baylor Proud.

"Ready for OU" - Baylor vs. Oklahoma Hype Video

Are you ready for OU? Or are you ready for OU?

"Revivalry" - A Baylor vs. TCU Hype Video


"Start Fast" - Baylor Big 12 Hype Video

We all need help through the bye week, and ODB is here for you.

54 Minutes of Every Tedvid EVER

College football starts in 54 minutes, so here are 54 minutes of Baylor Hype to fill the gap.

"The Palace" - A Hype Video

We have ourselves a palace on the Brazos, it's about time football gets played in it.

"No Pressure, No Diamonds" -- Another Hype Video

Hype videos are all the rage these days.

The 2014 Baylor Football Trailer

Because when Art says it, it matters.

The Immortal Flame - The ODB 2014 Hype Video

Dream Big. Dream Baylor.

Baylor Redditors, TedVid Needs Your Votes!

Over on Reddit's /cfb subreddit, they are taking nominations for the greatest hype video of the year. Obviously, we have several candidates.

NCAA Tournament 2014 | March Madness Hype Video

You can't repeat the past? Why of course you can ...

"To Be Continued" - The 2014 Hype Videos Commence

Fling that green and gold.

Baylor Men's Basketball Deserves a Hype Video

And I'm here to deliver.

"Baylor Nation" - A Baylor Athletics Hype Video

Because we are more than an individual, or even just one team.

"We are Baylor" -- Another Hype Video

Been too long, right? Well, this one isn't Ted, but it's still pretty good.

Now We're Here - Baylor 2013 Season Recap Video

Started from the bottom ...

"Home Field" -- Official Hype Video for BU-UT

Oh, they've outdone themselves this time. Having Art Briles be able to provide the voiceover for your Hype Video is surely a plus.