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The Preseason ... in Seinfeld GIFs

No football for you! (yet)

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hello one, hello all. Welcome to another year of documenting the highs and lows of football season with the use of the an image file that was once believed to be extinct: the GIF!

Whether you pronounce it Jif or Gif, this post is for you.

You see, your Baylor Bears come waltzing into fall camp with the highest preseason ranking ever and you are just about sick of the waiting. You need that juicy #content to satisfy you. Something of substance. Something solid ...

Instead, I'm giving you a GIF post about nothing.


So it's August and you're just hanging out online waiting for news from Camp BU.

When Art Briles said LaQuan McGowan "slimmed down" to 403 pounds.

After you heard Art Briles say they held Corey Coleman out of practice because, "we know what he can do."

What can temper your excitement for September 4th?

When you post a pessimistic comment on ODB

Someone tells you there is a new hype video but you aren't at a computer.

After a 5 hour hype video binge.

When you try to figure out an Art Briles quote.

You host a bbq and someone shows up in a Texas A&M hat saying they could take us this year.

When you wound up at lunch with a Horned Frog

You land a pretty solid 61-58 joke in your Baylor group text.

When you heard Texas Tech coaches say they have a better defensive end than Shawn Oakman.

After you heard Shawn Oakman has been working on his spin move.

Still trying to get over the Michigan State game.

Trying to defend Baylor's non-conference schedule.

Someone tells you for the 1000th time that Seth Russell is a pilot.

When you say that this page takes forever to load and I tell you slow Internet is fatal for GIF posts.

When you and your TCU fan friend realize that it's best for both teams to be undefeated going into the revivalry.

After realizing the season is still too far away.


As always, post your reactions to the silliness of the preseason below in the comments. Extra internet points if it is a Seinfeld GIF.