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Baylor took it to Texas Tech ... in GIFs!

Baylor Napoleon'd Texas Tech over the weekend, let's take a look at the GIF recap.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

What a weekend. Baylor took five straight victories over Texas Tech and no one is even talking about that because it just feels routine. TCU messed up Texas so bad that Longhorn players were tweeting about transferring during halftime and the Big 12 refs gave Oklahoma State a phantom first down. Yes, this is 2015 Big 12 football and it's glorious. Please find a few GBF (Generic Baylor Fan) reactions below and post yours in the comments!

When you read that Viva the Matadors article.

Baylor students on gameday.

Watching Shock Linwood on that first ridiculously long touchdown run.

Then Texas Tech scored on the next drive.

KD makes a circus catch for a TD

Every time you saw a tortilla thrown on the field.

You after Texas Tech started thinking they could make this a true back and forth shootout.

Texas Tech's defense plugging holes.

Corey Coleman has caught HOW many touchdowns in four games?

Xavien Howard's interception had you all...

Waiting on Art to put Stidham in like...

When you were browsing ESPN and saw Kirk Herbstreit ranked Baylor number one.

Baylor fans are glad that Baylor is finally getting that media respect, but also feel like Baylor plays better when they are disrespected.

Baylor has 56 points, is up by 28, but you're like ...

The University of Texas encounters TCU.

When people tell you that "Baylor should play somebody."

When you see your friends getting in twitter arguments about Baylor with egg accounts.

And finally, as always, your reactions to the game go in the comments!