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Coping with Injuries ... using .GIFs!

We need help guys. We need it bad.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from having one of the most prolific offenses, a monstrous defensive line and the nicest stadium in the country, Baylor is also a place that needs twice the normal number of medical staffers because the team is DROPPING LIKE THE BASS IN A HYPE VIDEO. WE ARE IN FULL ON PANIC MODE HERE PEOPLE. WE ARE DOWN THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YARDS IN PRODUCTION. THIS IS NOT GOOD. THIS IS THE WORST. "ALL CAPS ARE FROM THE DEVIL BUT THE DEVIL DON'T WORK HERE" - KAZ KAZADI. WAIT DOES THAT MAKE ME THE DEVIL I'M SPINNING INTO CHAOS.

Ohhhhh you have GIFs to make it all better? Cool.

Baylor's football team right now.

Every Baylor fan today when Levi Norwood got added to the list of the injured.

When Clay Fuller went down during fall camp.

Bruiser is now actively trying to keep our players from going on the field until conference play.

That brief moment when you get excited about the talent behind our starters and then ... #reality

Our Defense in practice right now.

Corey Coleman is hurt.

Antwan Goodley is hurt.

Devin Chafin is hurt.

Bryce Petty is ... yep, he's hurt too.

Art and Kendal Briles with redshirts.

Tre'Von Armstead discovering that his Tight End role just got that much more important.

Art Briles and Phil Bennett Testing out BU's latest secret technological innovation.

ODB Members ready to exhaust their remaining eligibility for the sake of the team

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