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Baylor Rolls Through Iowa State ... in GIFs!

As it has been said, Baylor kind of just showed up, put up 600 yards and left the state of Iowa.

David Purdy

Six hundred yards of offense and Baylor fans complaining like we are the inept teams of yesteryear. The only possible cure is a series of GIFs. You need GIFs, you need them now. Well lucky for you, I'm here to provide. Be sure to add yours in the comments or at least go look at what the ever-so-creative ODB community adds there!

The guy who made the "Baylor doesn't even like corn." sign.

Because this is what we do to corn (which is metaphorically Iowa State football [I am explaining this because I REALLY wanted an excuse to use this GIF])

Baylor taking Iowa State for a ride in their home state.

Antwan Goodley and Corey Coleman with big performances in their first games back.

When Sam Richardson somehow outran Xavien Howard.

Bryce Petty Hurdles a defender into the endzone.

Shock Linwood jukes into the endzone AGAIN and you're behind your Iowa State friend like ...

Every time Iowa State scored.

Bryce Petty when he walks into an opposing Big 12 stadium.

Phil Bennett to his defense this week.

Seth Russel gets put in the game kinda early.

Art Briles when talking about Iowa State and Kansas.

Every time you hear a stat like, "Art Briles is only 2-17 on fields that a cow has stood on."

Baylor Twitter to Steve Edmond this week.

Me when people start asking when the hype video is coming out this week.

Baylor fans just waiting to get a game in Waco again so they can sailgate with their new toy.