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Baylor Drubs Buffalo ... in GIFs

We are at a point where 63 points makes people question our offensive ability. Just let that sink in.

Vaughn Ridley

... DARY. Legendary.

Yes. Yes I did just do that. Are you ready for some GIFs? Me too.

Art Briles when asked if he will ever have mercy on non-conference opponents.

That one overly paranoid Baylor fan you know heading into this game.

When you saw that a surprising number of Buffalo fans were convinced that they would pull an upset.

When we score more points late in the game

... But not really. You want more. More. MORE POINTS.

Baylor getting guys back from injuries against the meat of the schedule.

Asking your significant other if you can get more Baylor gear.

Watching Bryce Petty come back on the field to lead the F-22 offense last Friday

Asking Joe Licata if he knew who Shawn Oakman was.

KD Cannon in one GIF

Every time Shock Linwood makes a spin move the defenders are all like

Big 12 defensive coordinators when they find out they are playing Baylor that week.

Bryce Petty to people who discounted him from Heisman contention after his performance against Buffalo

When you saw Salsa Nacho in the game.

Everyone around you when you spout off a stat you learned on ODB during the game

Watching Texas play offense.

The announcers at the end of the game

But instead they just talked about Baylor's schedule and we were all ...

... and then they try to rectify it by saying Baylor is still a good team

And finally, my speech to all of you, post your GIFs in the comments!