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Baylor Shuts Out Southern Methodist ... in .GIFs!

Forty-five to nothing, squat, zip, zero, nada, love, blank, curtis jerrells.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again ladies and gentlemen that make up Baylor Nation. Football is back in FULL swing and we are here to provide the GIFs that matched your reactions throughout gameday. Be sure to add yours below in the comments and enjoy!

Saying hello to everyone while tailgating/sailgating

Walking into McLane Stadium

When Jump Around started playing just before kick-off.

Every child under the age of five in the stadium

Finally seeing your Bears in action after a long off-season.

Every time someone near you returned to their seat with bacon-wrapped food.

Bryce Petty keeps it for an awesome gain ... and then gets up limping ...

Art Briles when someone accuses him of manufacturing receivers.

All of ODB when we see Goodley, Coleman and Fuller on the sidelines

When someone asks, "Wait, how many people are hurt?"

Shawn Oakman's reaction to just about everything.

Bryce Hagar forces that fumble

Shock Linwood with the first ever touchdown in McLane Stadium

Bryce Petty connects with KD Cannon

SMU fans every time they got one of their 7 first downs.

Suleiman Masumbuko to Joey Harrington when he recorded his first sack.

When asked, "Who is Silas Nacita Salsa Nacho?"

Baylor fans when told that 45 points is more than enough and to stop wanting more.

When Bryce Petty tweeted this morning that all was well.

Alright - your turn, post your reactions in the comments... I'll save the Nick Pants glory for the comments so it can get the recs it deserves.