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Baylor Football is back ... in .GIFs!

It's about time that football regained the spotlight ...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome ODB'ers near and far, new and old ... it is time again for your weekly .GIF post brought to you by the one fan who has found ways to re-purpose the same highlights roughly 20 times. So it is only fitting that I re-purpose .GIFs for your enjoyment. The team starts real live practicing today and so it is officially time to recap the state of Baylor Football ... in .GIFs!

When people ask, "So do you have any plans August 31st?"

Art Briles when asked if his offensive Philosophy is legal in all 50 states.

A&M fans celebrating Johnny Manziel getting drafted, Texas fans excited for the Charlie Strong hire, and you.

Baylor's secondary in reaction to the media claiming it lost too much experience.

When a coworker tells you that Charlie Strong is going to run the Big 12

That same coworkers response to yours

Driving down I-35 and seeing McLane Stadium

Art Briles when that university in Austin made a play for him to rebuild their program.

Your Tech friend wants to participate.

Shawn Oakman introducing himself to the Big 12

Art Briles when he steals a recruit from Kevin Sumlin

When your boss asks why you are on ODB instead of working

When the sooners gloat over their win against Alabama and you have to remind them about November 7th

Knowing that while you are working, on vacation or just hanging out ... the reigning Big 12 champs are at work on the Brazos.

When you saw Texas was in the preseason top 25

Asking Bryce Petty how many touchdowns he is going to throw this year.

All of Baylor nation after hearing that response

Baylor assistant coaches with every Shock Linwood breakaway touchdown in practice

You can purchase Gold Chrome Helmet replicas now?

Every time there is a Nick Florence's beard reference.

Baylor football is back y'all.

And finally, it's about that time.

As always, your .GIFs in the comments!