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Camp BU in .GIFs!

Because we need the GIFs dagnabbit.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, you are getting these weekly now, aren't you excited? Without further needless introduction here are some reactions from Baylor Nation during Camp BU ... in .GIFS!

Bryce Petty finishes up his reps and Seth Russell steps in with the first team for a couple snaps

When MattIsBear gets going on Twitter.

When you see someone posting their season tickets online and yours haven't arrived yet.

When you hear buzz of an injury and want to know how serious it is.

Hearing that the freshman receivers are top notch as expected.

Peter when you ask him if a podcast is coming

Clay Fuller is out 6-8 weeks??

Anyone who took a vacation the last two weeks and is behind on community projections

When asked, "How many points will Baylor score against SMU?"

How it felt when they unfurled the banner on the back of the scoreboard.

Listening to Phil Bennett talk confidently about his defense.

Trying to ask Mark a question about Brian Nance

When you found out Corey Coleman is out for 10 days without any warning

When you see that Trevor Knight is listed in Heisman discussion.

Listening to a radio interview with Art Briles

When you saw that TCU Hype Video

Just about to stop reading Baylor news and go back to being productive only to find another outlet posted another preview about your Bears.

And finally, August 31st is coming at you all like ...