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The Offseason GIF Thread!

The offseason is now fully upon us. Football tantalizes us with its proximity, but time seems to have slowed to a pace that even a snail would yawn at. The very least we can do is brighten your day with a GIF thread, right?

Let's "celebrate" the offseason with GIFs!
Let's "celebrate" the offseason with GIFs!
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This is normally Ted's domain, but I couldn't resist. If you're like me, you've come to hate the month of June. Sure, the NHL and NBA Finals are both happening. The MLB is in full swing and you have a good idea of your team's chances (sob). European football's Silly Season is in full swing, if you're into that sort of thing (and if you're not, you should be. It's good fun). If you're in school, it's summertime. Yet, here we are, with no Baylor sports at all. News dissemination has slowed to a trickle, yet excitement and anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. What little bits of news we find we obsess over. Ted releases hype videos that get us way more hyped than is reasonable for the month of June. This post is my ode to the offseason... in GIF form. Enjoy.

Realizing it's only June 5, and there are 87 days (EIGHTY SEVEN) until August 31st.

Looking at it from different angles does NOT make the clock move faster. I tried.

The Dark Times are upon us. We know what we must do.

Going through imgur today

Hearing from Ted that he's working on a new hype video:

Seeing even the first few seconds of Ted's new hype video:

When someone criticizes something, anything in Ted's hype video:

Finish watching Ted's hype video for the elebentieth time, realizing it's still only June 5th:

Mark, to me, seeing that I hadn't posted anything or recorded a pod in months:

Checking the DBR for some actual, honest to goodness news:

It's still June 5th:

Seeing the goalposts up on the Stadium Cam for the first time:

Someone tells me that August 31st will be here before I know it:

When I tell them that it's a scientific fact that time moves slower in June:

Reading a KimboSmash fanpost in my office with the door open:

Let's check, has time moved at all? Nope. Well, back to it:

How I feel about this offseason, perfectly summarized in one gif:

Okay, one more because it made me laugh:


Add your GIFs in the comments!